Why eat organic?

Why organic?

Because look at the alternative:

When you eat organic food you:

-Eradicate the unnecessary exposure/ingestion of cancer causing and neuro-toxic chemicals.

- Many pesticides approved for use by the EPA were registered before extensive research linking these chemicals to cancer and other diseases had been established. Now the EPA considers that 60 percent of all herbicides, 90 percent of all fungicides and 30 percent of all insecticides are carcinogenic. A 1987 National Academy of Sciences report estimated that pesticides might cause an extra 1.4 million cancer cases among Americans over their lifetimes. Understand that pesticides are poisons, designed to kill living organisms, and can also be harmful to humans. In addition to cancer, pesticides are implicated in birth defects, nerve damage and genetic mutations. In America alone, the conventional agriculture industry is estimated to use over 800 million pounds of conventional pesticides each year. Children receive four times the exposure than an adult to at least eight widely used cancer-causing pesticides in food. The food choices you make now, will impact your child's health in the future. On average, kids eat more fruits and vegetables per pound of body weight than adults. Their developing physiology is more vulnerable than an adult’s to the negative effects of chemicals, synthetics, and genetically modified organisms. The Environment Working Group found that over 1 million children in the U.S. under five-years-old eat food daily that is contaminated with pesticides shown to cause neurological dysfunction. In another study by the National Academy of Sciences, exposure to lead, mercury and conventional pesticides were shown to cause developmental and behavioral problems in one in every four children. Organic produce offers the highest nutritional value and helps protect children from the harm of conventional residues

- Pesticides may kill weeds and pests, but they also end up as residues on our food. In 1995 and again in 2002, the USDA found that of the 12 most commonly eaten produce items and wheat samples, 73%-90% were contaminated by pesticides, even after washing and peeling. Washing and peeling doesn't get ride of pesticide because the produce was grown in that environment, taking in the chemically treated water to grow. You are a product of your environment and so is a fruit or veggie. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services have determined that of the 25 most commonly used agricultural pesticides: * 5 are toxic to the nervous system. * 18 are harmful to the skin, eyes and lungs. * About half are comprised of cancer-causing chemicals. * 17 cause genetic damage. * 10 are harmful to reproductive organs. * 6 disrupt normal functions of hormones.

-Eliminates use of unnecessary chemicals that find their way into streams, rivers, drinking water, land and air.

- Water makes up two-third of our body mass and covers three-fourths of the planet. Despite its importance, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates pesticides used in conventional farming (some cancer causing) contaminate the ground water in 38 states, polluting the primary source of drinking water for more than half the country's population. Healthy, nutrient rich soils created through the practices of organic gardening don't pollute, plus the soil retains moisture more easily, reducing the need for additional watering.

-No Genetically Modified Organisms.
-This is too in-depth of a subject to go into but just know that “bio technology” or GMO’s are unnatural plain and simple. Injecting a fish gene into tomatoes so that the tomatoes ship better is gross and seems wrong. When you eat organic you can rest assured it’s just regular food that grows from an organic seed, no funny business and messing with stuff we don’t fully understand.
-Tastes way better! It tastes the way mother-nature intended.
-More vitamins and minerals present in the food.

- Soil is the foundation of the food chain in organic farming, but in conventional farming the soil is used more as a medium for holding plants in a vertical position so they can be chemically fertilized. As a result, American farms are suffering from the worst soil erosion in history. Depleted soil means de-mineralized soil. De-mineralized soil causes the plants and produce to be lacking in vital minerals and vitamins. Organic produce always contains more vitamins and minerals when compared to conventional.

- One average organic foods contain higher levels of Vitamin C and minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, chromium and cancer fighting antioxidants. Over 40 published studies have shown significantly more nutrients in organic crops, whereas conventionally-grown produce in supermarkets has been shown to have ten times less mineral content.

-Any extra money spent on organic food is a deposit of money in the bank of your body. You get what you pay for. Quality vs quantity. Pay now or pay hospital bills later.

Best options are to:

-Grow your own vegetable garden and plant a fruit tree in the yard.
-Buy from local farmers or farmers markets.
-Shop at natural food grocery stores that carry organic food and produce.
-Even Walmart had organic food, but if you have no store around that carries organic food, request it from the store manager.