Theobroma Cacao- The food of the Gods

Organic, Raw, vegan, desserts and chocolates that are nutritious and exquisitely delicious.
Experience the hottest trend in LA… raw chocolate.

Chocolate is the one of the most pharmacologically complex foods known in the world. It contains over 1,200 naturally occurring constituents and has 10 times the antioxidant content when compared to blueberries. It contains a chemical called PEA, which is commonly referred to as the “love” chemical and anandamide, which is the ‘bliss” chemical. Raw chocolate give us a high and puts our minds in a euphoric state causing us to party and have the best time ever! Enjoy Decadently Raw’s chocolate alchemy...

Our creations are inspired by ancient recipes used by Mayan and Aztec Emperors. We include ingredients like medicinal mushrooms, chlorella and special herbs that synergistically enhance the blissful state chocolate itself creates.

Eat chocolate like royalty and party like a rock star!

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In this society, most people have gotten into the habit of eating food concoctions that are so toxic, they are literally killing everyone. I have found the solution to this problem. Mimic the taste, texture and visual presentation of the “beloved” toxic concoctions but use living, nutrient dense, organic ingredients instead. This way you can have your cake, eat it, feel great after and be healthier because of it. I strive to create confections that taste better than the regular version and are super healthy- all at the same time!

Why vegetarian?

Why vegan?

Why organic?

Why raw?

Decadently Raw Confections is a company based out of Santa Monica, CA. ALL PRODUCTS are raw, vegan and made with organic or wild-crafted ingredients. Everything is gluten, dairy, white sugar and white flour free. Our products are NOT refined or processed and NO artificial sweeteners, flavors, preservatives or colorings are used.

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Our company is as “green” as can be! All product packaging is eco friendly. We use compostable, recycled materials printed with non-toxic vegetable ink. Click to read details

Our products are delicious and guilt free…so go ahead and eat like a kid again!

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